Misbehaving and abousing and touching my sisttoess

A person in my village abusing and comment and touching her dress in bustand. After the incident she shared with that type of misbehaviors by that person.then my father consulted immediately with the sarpanch of my village.after day that person was repeatedly using slang word near my home.so my elder brother slap and argument to that person then I saw my brother and that person attacking with each other with hand. I just went break up that dispute so the family member of that person came with stick to heat my brother so immediately I went to nearer police station to file a complaint and finally complained after that accused also filed case on all my family member but two person were no injured.so after that accused transfer the case fro gandi to rural police station. So police called to my sister and listened details the statement from my sister.now this case filed in court but in village level after that incident to took meeting and compromise with each other but problem is now what will be happen