Non settlement of Full and Final Dues

Hello, I seek opinion on my case: I was employed with Group voyagers India from 11th Feb 2013 to 12th June 2015 (Including 6 weeks notice period as stipulated in my employment contract with the organization). Despite having served full notice period, my half month's salary has been on hold so far. None of my messages and phone calls have been able to fructify any definite answer from the Regional Director of the organization thus far. I am not being given a proper "Yes" or "No" as an answer by the Regional Director and he seems to be ignoring all my enquiries. Although the amount that the organization hods is relatively small (Equivalent to my half month's salary), I would still want to push them in paying this off to me. Can you suggest a way by which I can legally bind them in settling my complete dues (Obviously with least possible expense). Please do let me know on the same and how can I go about this entire process while keeping costs as low as possible (If my costs go beyond what the company owes me, then their is no point in pursuing this further).