How to protect from lenders-cheque bounce- Business loss

Dear sir Madam I am from Bangalore. I am a software developer and small software developer. when i start business my friends invested with me. When i get profits i was share a profiit with them. Profit around 8-10% per month. Its since 4-5 years. What are they doing? once profits comes in six months they will take half profits and re investing another half. It continued. Now their amount becomes big. beause of my profit only. Last year there was huge loss in my business. But they are not waited. Asking money .That time my family members interfered and given huge amount also. But they are asking again n again. Meanwhile i have taken loan from private lenders 10% per month. Now i paid lot of interest and there is no money in myside my family side. But here they are torchuring. I have given cheque to them. If they bounce the cheque it will be offence and problem for me. My intension is give priciple amount to them(already gave to investor friends). For lenders also more than principle amount interest given. Now i cant give principle amount because i dont have a penny. how can i protect from cheque bounce or other cases for a sometime. Plz give me a sugetion. Else i have only one option that is suicide. But i dont want to die with bad name. and cant leave my family in this situation. I will earn money easily, but i dont have a rupee to initial payment also. so plz give me a sugetion please.