Mental harassment and public abuse

Hi All, Very good afternoon. i have some things, in that i want your expertise help. we are leaving in 7th floor(2bhk -joint family),the person from below on 6th floor Abused us. when we 1st talk to him we come to know he was abuses us. and the reason for that is as per him we are doing lot of noise in our house, we try to convince him that we are not doing anything that created noise. then at the end he said your daughter making noise. we told him my daughter is only 2.8 yr old and it not creates noise that much you are mentioned but he is not ready to accept the thing. he said to us why you give birth to the child if you are not able to handle it. i also wanted to abuse/fight with him but i fear that if he does anything wrong with my daughter. thinking/safety about my daughter keeps me to take defensive/Sorry step. he is very short tempered person he fought most of the persons in society but now no want to mess their own things. now this abusing happens in every 3/4 days and he is shouting from his flat. we try to control my daughter’s playing but whenever we don't have attention she runs in home.& he starts abusing from below(his flat). one main thing is that he does not have any child. and i doubt that thing make him to behave like Psycho. please guide me on this what can i do ? he already waste my daughter’s childhood days. and it realy feel shameful and harassed when he abusing us. Bhushan B.