Review of Order of HC- in Sumnary Suit

Sir, With grate honour and respect to all members, I sate that there are 7 defendants including a listed public Company..... which includes Non-executive directors too, the HC while passing the Order did not consider the submission made by the defendant that three directors are non--executive and they have no role while issung cheques which were dishonoured and the Plaintiff file Sumaty Suits against all the Directors including the company. Wheras, one of the signatory even did not make a party of the suit which. The copy of the minutes as provided to the courts were not served and provided to the defendants ( Directors ) and the meeting which was refereed in the Court order was not attended by the Non-Executive Directors, and all non-Executive Directors have resigned which was mentioned in the reply sent to the court.... the dates of resignation of each non-executive Directors were also mentioned in the in the reply affidavit filed one of the Whole time Directors .... two days before the date shown on one of the non-executive director there was one meeting referred to be held at the premises of the Plaintiff, for which no notice ... Agenda, minutes were circulated and the non-executive Directors are stationed at the different city, I doubt that in that meeting the presence of Non-executive directors shown falsely .... as non- executive director did not attend such meeting. Whether the Order passed by the High Court may be revised with petition S Ghosh