Tenant not vacating our house

Hello Sir, We built a new house in Bangalore… Before our house warming date ([deleted]) i.e., 3 month before A family liked our new constructing house and asked for renting a house to them.. 1.5 Lakh as Advance Amount and 10000/- Monthly Rent was agreed and fixed…. As advance payment we received 1 Lakh as check payment 3 months before them occupying the house… Before occupying the house they demanded us to set up a wardrobe to any of the room… We informed them to set up their own design wardrobe and the same amount shall be included as a remaining advance amount… Wardrobe cost was 57000/- They occupied the house on [deleted] after our house warming is done… Within 15 days after occupying the house we demanded for a rent agreement copy… They suddenly ignored to make a rent agreement copy and informed us they will vacate the house giving unnecessary reasons and demanded us to return the partly advance amount of 1 lakh Rs. as previously so that they will vacate the house within 3 months… We ignored them to return the advance amount before evicting the house and had many quarrels with them… Later we asked them time to think and return them partly 1 Lakh deposit amount and after that give 3 months’ time to vacate the house… 1st two months after occupancy they gave us correct rent as it was fixed as 10000/- They did not pay rent of 3rd Month and after our repeated request they paid 18,000/- on 4th month including 3rd month rent and ignored to pay full 20000/-… We consulted an Area councilor and He intervened as a mediator and as per his advice we got an agreement paper stating that as per tenant request the partly amount of 1 lakh is paid to them and remaining amount will be returned after 3 months once the tenant will evict the house and handover the keys to owner. It is also written Painting charges and damage charges will be deducted while making a full payment… We got signed to the agreement paper by tenant and gave him 1 lakh Rs as a check payment last month… He also agreed that he will pay remaining 2000/- as balance rent amount including into the 5th month rent... But now the problem is they are again paying us 9000/- Rs and telling they require 5 months’ time to evict the house… Challenging us, Do whatever you can…. We did not collect the rent amount of 5th month yet… Please advise me how to evict these persons as we are into very much trouble to pay the loan amount of house we constructed and we are mentally harassed by these people who have intentionally acquired the house and troubling us without paying the rent properly and also taken back the partly deposit amount…. They are also intentionally parking his 4 wheeler in front of the house main gate, the other tenant is also complaining to move his car as they are finding difficulty to enter into the house premises… Regards Manoj Kumar