Gold Auction

Hello Experts, Need your advice on following crisis which I faced recently in my life; I Jay, Mumbai resident moved to overseas for work purpose since last 4 years. Before I left from Mumbai due to some circumstances I applied gold loan from Muthoot finance (Mulund Branch). Initially few months I paid my interest amount but later due to my survival struggle overseas I failed to pay my interest and rest of the money. I was going through hard time, one day I asked same branch manager (on phone) that,” what happens if I failed to pay, he said you owe less amount than your gold valuation so we will auctioned your gold and will take our money everything will be good, I said OK and that was it ! “. So I made up my mind, that is going to be my last decision, I have to sacrifice my gold. After 2 years now I m doing OK now with my Job and life, I thought let’s just get touch base with them if they still have my gold chain or they have auctioned? I called them and ask, they inform me that they have auctioned, I said OK but I got shocked when they asked me more money by saying its difference money you owe with rate of interest! My world gone upside down, I am feeling myself educated fool who lost precious gold and now in debt of money, I would greatly appreciate if anyone advice me on the same. Kindly advise me solution on following issues; 1) Branch manager left that branch so they are saying we don’t know 2) How do I tackle this situation? 3) How do I settle this matter as they are adding up new interest on that remaining of the amount? Thanks Jay