Case details about guideline value.

Hello Sir/Madam, compliments of the day to you.. my name is hari and im an engineering graduate.. we had some agricultural based land in the rural area of vellore district in tamilnadu which took over by the railway government in the year 2000 for the construction of new railway line between arakkonam to thakkolam because the existing line passed through the area of indian navy, the defence government gave pressure to the railways to clear the railway line so The former railway minister mamtha baneerjee passed the order to built the new railways through my village. we received the letter from the collectorate of vellore to hand over the land to railways and they will be providing the guideline value of the land along with the govt. job for one person in that family and based on that we signed the documents in the year 2000. we got the amount of 90 thousand in the year 2004 and there is no job offered from the department.The guideline value on that day was rupees 25 and they had been given only 1.30 rupees which i was aware only before a year. now i am having some proof of land registered documents of the near by area for the guideline values. i had sent many applications to the southern railway regarding this one but there is no response from them.. now i need job and the guideline value which remains at pending as my situation is very bad.. what can i do for that now please give me suggestions and ideas regarding this one... thank you..