Delay in getting family pension & decesed benefit from Govt

My father got retired in the year 1999 from Govt of Odisha as Executive Engineer. There was a Vigilance case proceeding against him by Govt since 1994. For which he was deprived from promotion. As the case was going very slow he was not getting the full retirement benefit and also the pension fully. The case against him was about to be closed & going in favour of him but unfortunately he expired in the year 2011. So the court declared the case as "abated" . Now the state govt has given the given the directive to the dept where he was working to treat the suspension period as half pay leave & special leave (no pay). Since then the state govt is working on the same & has not paid a single amount yet. Now as i know my father was innocent & was traped in the vigilance case & subsequently suspended for 3 years. The promotion in his carrer & subsequent monetary benefits affected. I want to fight this case for his innocense & subsequent benefits should be given to the legal hire (my mother). Please help me in this regard how to go about it.