Bond letter breach

Hi, (i have used the word BOND as well as OFFER LETTER, bond is the legal notary sign paper and offer letter the agreement between me and company before joining the company) I have joined a company "x" and according to the bond that i signed, it states that if i breach the bond during or after training period(3 months from date of joining) i will have to pay some amount. But, according to the offer letter which they have signed(without any notary, just casual sign between me and the HR, though on the official paper) i am given role of intern for 6 months from the date of joining. So right now I am in intern period according to the offer letter which i signed before joining the company. If i intend to leave the company now, will i have to face penalty? P.S. The initial offer(3 months training and 1.9 months work from the date of joining) which we had in campus placement was totally changed after 6 months(which states 6 months internship prior to 3 months training then another 1.9 months of service) , when we were out of college, so we had no other option then agreeing with the new offer.