Permanent Alimony - Entitlement of Wife

Dear Sir, I have been granted divorce (contested for 7 years) from my wife by District Court on grounds of cruelty and desertion. The District Court has not granted any permanent alimony to wife. She has been awarded a maintenance of Rs. 9,000 under Section 24 of HMA and same amount under Section 125 of CRPC. The wife has now filed an appeal with High Court against District Court judgement. The marriage is an irretrievably broken marriage. My query is whether she is entitled to permanent alimony in High Court (she has not moved any application to this effect). I am comfortable paying monthly maintenance which I am paying without any default and willing to continue pay for her whole life. The matter has been referred to Mediation Center by High Court where the wife is demanding Rs. 60 lakh towards full and final settlement. I am not having financial resources to pay such a huge amount. How should I proceed in Mediation Center with such a huge demand. Also, which law stipulates payment of permanent alimony to the wife. Regards