My husband and inlaws torturing me for dowry and not being beauti

Hello sir, I am married in 2009 November as arranged marriage, my parents spend more then 8 lakhs for marriage thinking my life wil be good after marriage, but my husband is cruel man he started abusing me after 1 month of marriage itself, he didnt work for 1st year and keep asking money from my parent and brother. Then my brother gave him 4lakhs to do some business and get settle but he some how loss and repeatedly sending me to my parents house for asking money, he always threats me saying he wil marry other girl. Now I have 3 children, 5 year old are twins and 2 year old. He says im not good looking now so he wants to marry other girl. He always threats me if he sends me to my parents house, it wil effect my younger sis marriage as well. He often beats me once he beated me badly and send to my parents house then my parents took me to police station to file complaint but police said thy need doctor report that I have been beaten but when I wemt to show doctor he said he wil not give this reports. Just thy gave some medicine. I stayed in my parents house for somedays and then my father and mom inlaw came and spoke to my parents doing promises thy wil not hurt me took me back to there house. But after that day my life became more bad. Now my inlaws also started abusing me often my mom inlaw beats on my head with cooking vessels. In 2014 my husband went to job in middle east now he is not here but he torture me on phone I have all the recordings. He says he wil come and marry other girl and send me to my parents house and he wil give maintenance for me and children by hearing this I cries everytime when he calls me. He calls to my inlaws and tells me to beat me and treat me like slave. He have lots of debts now so he asked my inlaws to scold and send me to parents house asking money again. Now im in parents house today again he called me asking to bring money or stay in parents house. Plz help me what to do