My wife & Her Boy friend / Husband Traped me

Dear Sir, I got married at 20 june 2014 . after the marry i know true. Arvind pandey is top most sicologist and very crimal mind. my wife meenu jaiswal & Her Boy friend / Husband (Dr.Arvind Pandey- He is legaly married with Puja Pandey and have 2 sons, and marry with meenu jaiswal in tample, Arvind pandey is most powerfull & rich man and he has link up to mulayam singh yadav, sadhu yadav, rajnath singh and other political leaders.) Traped me , In brief : Arvind pandey, was the main gardian of meenu jaiswal because meenu had no mother, father is very sick by health and wealth, i done marriage with meenu of this behalf only that she is alone she has no support , so i have to do socal work with marry her. Meenu jaiswal is very cleaver girl after our engagement she call me every day and i fall in her love, my family was not ready to marry with her but i argu with family and marry her. after 1 day of marry , arvind pandey call me and request for visit and i visited and he told me the story and presure to leave her and divorse her, i was totaly socked but due to family respact & prestiage, i was silant , he given offer to me that i will you your marriage expense 4.22 lack , but he did not given and now he is telling that i will case on you that you are selling your wife . arvind pandey have meenu jaiswal blue film and black mailing me. 15 agust 2014 i fighted with him and call to 100 number , police arrested us and in the police statio, he has given 50,000 rs (presue from surend patel, minister up govt- i cant prof it but i have also link in police station) i attempt suside. please