Claim of another person

Sir, We have the document of our family property from 1947 and the land tax of this 34 cents of land has been paying all these years. Our joint family has been residing in this property for atleast 150 years. But we have the first document of hierarchical handing over from 1947. The property is in the Kollam district of Kerala state. But a person, who is not at all a relative of ours, recently produced a document which was registered in a nearby sub registrar office in 1959. The document says that 2 and a quarter cents of the same survey numbered land belongs to his mother-in-law. A family member of his mother-in-law went to Pakistan during the time of partition. the above 2 and a quarter cents of land was this relative's property and for his sake, a Marathi commission agent possessed this 2 and a quarter cents of land through an auction conducted by Nasik District magistrate in Bombay. The commission agent bought this land in the name of his father who repatriated from Pakistan during partition . On behalf of the commission agent's father he sold the piece of land to the complainant's mother in law. I feel something fishy in this will. I came to know that he included the land in resurvey in the same resurvey number of ours on which we paid tax up to 2007 for this piece of land. But the village officer is not willing to take our tax as usual. My knowledge is that according to evacuee property act of 1951 each state had its own custodian of evacuee property. Even if he had claim over the land, how could an auction possible in Bombay without the knowledge of State custodian of Evacuee property? Has such a will got any legal backing? Kindly advise me in this regard. Sincerely yours Arif