How to get out of this marriage

Got married on 22 April 2015 Hindu marriage-arranged. M only son of my widow mother (aged-65). 4 sister elder married. From day 1 wife tried to ignore mother and take all decision from household to other bypassing mother. She didnt gave respect to my mother. My mother already upset with father death got into depression and got unwell. Quarrels got common from my mother side and wife also responded. After few month, wife started to force me to get her a new house to live as she couldn't live with my mother. In between month 4-7, my mother got operated twice for cataract- one eye lost in it. She has artificial denture for eating. Treatment for depression, anger etc ws also done. We had to terminate pregnancy (under 30 days) with mutual understanding. I tried a lot to save things in between. In 10th month of marriage, wife got operated for intestinal perforation due to TB in intestine. She and her family started blaming me and mother for her state. They accused us to not give her food (She educated, working, active) and because of tension, she has got unwell. They refused to send her back. They put condition that only if i write- "i will not force her to live with my mother only then they would send her." I refused it totally and this continued for 2 months. In 10th-11 months of marriage, i got her belongs shifted to new house in noida and called her to live with me separately. Left mother. Initially wife refused to come without written confirmation but later came to live with me in noida. During all this duration, she and her parents threatened me to put behind bars, call police to office, use media and contact in police to teach me n family a lesson. It was a huge mental trauma for me as i was financially, mentally and physically tired with all this personal things. In this new house in noida, she threatened me that if any of my sister or mother called me or i called them, she would call the police and create scene. She many times shouted on me and once even tried to hit me with kitchen tool. She even said that she has come here to teach me a lesson. She warned me that i have to restrict myself from sister, mother totally. In latest incident- i had gone to my mother place on weekend to provide basic things- grocery, tv recharge, house repair etc. meanwhile she has gone to mother place. I went to get her , she created a big scene. She not only snatched my car keys but also hurled abuses at me. her mother encouraged her. her father told me that this marriage will not work n its better to get separate. Compensation to be given by me. My wife got so violent that she callled PCR and complaint against me and family. NOt satisfied, she went down in parking and broke my car with brick. I was shocked n scared as she was aggressive n have complained to police against me. I was helpless standing below her flat and i didnt have my flat keys, car keys. Could nt go to office. On suggestion, i called pcr 5 times but police didnt come. I went to nearest police station to lodge a complaint but they refused saying they cannot force her to give the keys.Its "mia-biwi jhagda". My wife after lodging complaint in same police station happily went to office. Now 5 days have past, she has not come back. Police told us that the issue will be handled at women cell. Current state- wife not coming back to home. She has not contacted me nor her family. I have returned back to my mother home. I am really under high stress as in 1 year of marriage, so much has happened. This has been torture for me. want to get rid of my condition