Partner claimimng share in the House .in which we use to stay

Current House is on My name .. I M the sole owner & loan is on My name .. Emis are going from my A/c. My husband wants to claim the stake in current house saying he has paid the initial amount & has paid couple of Emis as well! (emi gets deducted from my a/c). But the fact is since I use to take care of house he could do so.. he never bothered to register our marriage but we do have got married as per rituals & have proofs of it. Secondly, he is staying away from me for last 2 months & is trying all illegal / legal ways to claim a stake .. approaching society authorities. Can he really claim it? He has not given me divorce & is not assisting me with any penny! I just have this house & working with small co. with bare minimum salary. I have stayed in this relation for 5 yrs. as wife & 7 yrs. before marriage & no children & he doesn't seem to be interested in this relation any more. He has been mentally & physically harassing me for more than 3 yrs. & hence had to keep him away for last 2 months & now this phase has come. Kindly guide. How can I take care of my shelter. Can he really claim it by any ways? what about My 12 yrs. devoted to him & getting this mental / physical / emotional harassment in returns without any kind of security from his end! Can law protect me / my shelter for me?