CBSE School demanding for fee to issue Transfer Certificate

Dear Sir/Madam, My Two Kids were studying in a CBSE School (Class Vth and VIth ) for almost 3 years in Delhi (2012-2015), Last year in 2015 i had shifted from Delhi to Rajasthan, Last year around mid of April 2015, I asked the school to issue the Transfer certificate as i had admitted my kids in new school in Rajasthan, but the Old school demanded for Rs. 10000 as a fee and mic. charges, which schoked me and i refused to pay cause my kids not even attended the school any of the day as well it was only a week or two, of the new session. I asked old school reception to accept my Application for Tc which school reception took (No received copy of application for Tc was given to me) and i requested to had a meeting with Principal to discuss and close the issue even waited for an hour or so they said Principal is not having time for my complaint and i had to pay the amount and i don't have any other option where as my financial condition is not good so i am not in position to pay forceful dues. I had not submitted a Transfer certificate in the New School yet even after an year (2016) , where as New school is demanding for Tc. Today (5th may 2016) I had visited Again the Old School for the Same request for Tc , Now the School is Asking for Rs 50000 for both children, As the accounts showing we have not taken the Tc . This is some thing injustice , my kids had not even attended a single day in old school and why do the school is keeping charging me for the kids. Kindly advice please please it's a sake of future of two kids.