Need advice whether i can go for consumer court

Hi, I want to know whether i can go to consumer court for this issue. Issue: In one of the Honda service center after service my Bike's front tyre, Wheel and Disc has been changed. I have never asked them to make any changes in tyre or wheel, But without any notification they have changed it with a defective tyre and wheel. I didn't find the change when I picked it from the service center. After 1month multiple times it got punchered, So I thought my tyre got old and I took my bike to change the tyre while I noticed that my Bike's front tyre, Wheel and Disc has been changed with tube tyre and tube wheel instead of tube less tyre and tube less wheel. When i asked general manager of the service center about this he is not giving proper response and he is just wasting my time. Still now he is not agreeing that he has done the mistake and he not willing to rectify the issue, Instead of that he is just posponding each day just like come after 3 days, 2 days. I have never serviced my bike other than this service center, So i am sure they have only made this mistake. I want this to be sorted legaly since they are not giving me proper response.