Illegal possession of the property by tenant

I have 48 sqmtr property in Rohini, sec-21, Delhi which I had bought for the investment purpose against a loan from OBC in Rohini itself in 2013. The property was rented out in December 2015 against a registered agreement at Kanjawala court along with his police verification done. The tenant has not paid rent for the last two months and is not traceable either. We have tried connecting with him several times for the last two months but he is neither receiving calls nor responding to my messages. When contact through property dealer, he in some way conveyed that he won't vacate the property. His intentions are of illegally acquring properties and has a family history of doing so belonging to Jat background. He is not staying in this rented property for two months and has not been visiting either. Should I file FIR against him? Or should I issue him a legal notice? Or I can just barge into house, throw out his stuff and lock the door. I am sure you will suggest a legal route but in addition is there any faster route which can be opted. Pls advise