Tenant landlord

Sir please suggest me, firstly our house is on leasehold land for 99yrs, now sir from last 16 years my personal garrage was rented to a shop businessman on tenancy agreement (all taxes, electric etc are all on our name). last agreement was from 1st april 2015 to 31st march 2016 i.e for 1 year tenancy agreement. on february 2016 i issued him a notice for vacating the garrage for my personal usage by acknowledgement post i.e, before 1 month of expiry of agreement, & told him to vacate within 30th april as 2 months notice is required as per agreement clause, also mentoined that rent of april is not payable as agreement has expired on 31st march. i also gave a second reminder notice as above. but he didnt replied to any of the notice. but eventually before 1 week of end of notice peroid i.e, 30th april police came to us and gave a crpc 144 which included that we have illegaly broken his shop materials, beaten him etc, also included that we have not given him any notice, he is in new agreement of 2016 etc which are all false. by this time for 2 months 144 is applicable to our house which is illegal, in this peroid police will give report to exc.magistrate. sir we are very financially weak family with no earning members, and also landlord my uncle is 66 yrs old bedridden with incurable diseases with lot of expenses. we will not rent out anymore, we will do some family business on our garrage. sir please give your valuable advice, i am a 25 yrs old..