About Visitation rights

I wasarried in april 2009 and was forced to leave my matrimonial home in Dec 2009. I discovered about my pregnancy in jan 2010 and informed my inlaws and gusband about the good news to which they have a very shoulder amd even advised to abort the baby. I refused to it and eventually had a baby boy in 2010. I had filed sec 9 and sec 26 to claim maintenence for the child only but my husband challenged the paternity of the child and is now facing defaming charges as paternity test report was against him.there are a few other cases against him like domestic violence and 498A. Now after all this to harass me further my husband wants Visitation rights to my child who is almost 5 yrs old. He is earning well and still pays 5000 towards child maintenance. My husband has never met the child still has filed an application to visit him every week and take him for vacation. I dont trust my husband as he will harm or use him. Moreover he is alcoholic and also has forgery case against him. Please advise if there is a way i can plea to deny his Visitation or atleast stay of my child to his place in vacation as he stay in other state almost 500 km and i being a working mother cant afford to take long leave. Neither my child nor my husband or in-laws have seen each other in past 5 years.please help..