Legal Aid urgently required

I am a bengali girl, got married to bihari guy. We were in relationship since last 4 yrs. We both belong to different financial background. Before marriage his family claimed for dowry just before few days of our marriage. In such a situation they blackmailed us now took a heavy cash amount but that was not all. After marriage they started mentally torturing me. My husband started breaking things at home, abusing me. I conceived there after he started avoiding my responsibility. My parents had to take me to doctor take care of my wellbeing. He went on mentally torturing me, abusing me n my family, he even threw thingso at me. Saying indirectly to get financial support from my father. Just a few days before my delivery he even threw a hot cup of tea on me, spit on my face. Even my entire medical expenses were borne by my father. My son was born last November. Since then I'm staying with my parents. My son was just 18 days old, he shouted, abused n hit me badly while I was feeding my son. He took a job in Gurgaon n went away in December n didn't even let me live in the flat we were living in since our marriage. Now he is not sending any expenses for me, he asking me to be with him in Gurgaon but I'm afraid for my son's aswell as my safety. He is not even revealing his Gurgaon address even after my repeated requests. Can i file a domestic violence case on him? Can I seek any legal aid for my n my son's safety? Can I take any legal help to get my n my son's expenses? Is it legally OK if he does not reveal me his address since last 4months?