Separation after 11 months marriage

Hi, I and my wife are seeking for a mutual consent divorce. After spending almost 10.5months together she is living separately with her family. I am living alone in Noida in a rented accommodation. My family lives in Meerut. We have a 2months old daughter. My wife is mentally and emotionally disturbed person and threatens to suicide by cutting her veins. She did that when she was in college and she tried again when living with me. She also told me that she will never give me divorce as her elder brother is divorced once and remarried again (They didn't told us about this before marriage) and her 2nd brother's divorce is in process. She along with her family celebrated my daughter's Name Ceremony in the absence of me and my family. I went to Police at that time but they said its our family matter and if my wife is supporting her family and ignoring me then they can't do much. From that day I left their home (I and my wife was living in a separate home of my Father-inLaw). Please advise me on mutual consent divorce. As I googled and found that 1year living separately is also a condition, what are the circumstances that court will ignore this condition? If she will not agree on mutual consent then what are my options? If my wife will write down a suicide note that due to so called mental torture given by me and my family she is taking the extreme step then what are my options? Should I go to police and tell them in an informative/defensive way this thing as she did so in that past. Thanks in advance