Birth Certificate verification

I need a help related to Passport for my children. Current passport of my children were issued on basis of birth certificate, on which my and my father's suffix names were incorrect. Actually there was an error in birth certificate which was reflected in the passport also. After Passport were issued & I realized the error. Then, I applied for correction in birth certificate to municipal commissioner Ahmadabad, which was re-issued after duly followed procedure. Now, I applied for correction in the passport based of the corrected certificate to regional passport officer at Ahmadabad. But, he denied to proceed for the same even after I submitted all required documents. Actually, he wants me a verification letter from JMFC which proves that new birth certificate is OK/correct. Although a correction remark is there on the newly issued birth certificate but, regional passport officer wants verification from a JMFC only. He sent me a email also to follow JMFC procedure. Please help me how should I proceed.