A central govt employee can be a part as a petitioner in a court

A part of the land of my grandfather has been sold by making false registry by someone in my relative. My father passed away in 2004. I have one uncle who is residing with ancestral property/ land in village. We are three brothers living in city as two of us are in central govt. Job.My father was serving in city so he rarely resided in village. However, he had shifted in village after retirement. He always discouraged us to go to village. Now a part of our ancestral land has been sold out by making false registry by one of my relative. We filed case to cancel the registry. Meanwhile the relative who had made false registry came to know his mistake and returned back the money he had taken for this. But my uncle who has always cheated my family, made registry of the said land in the name of his only son. This way my uncle who was petitioner earlier now going to be the respondent if the petition is amended. I want to know can we both brothers out of three serving as central govt employee involve as a petitioner in this court case. Legally can we do it. Other thing what is the legal aspect in the matter .