Send money from abroad to friend icici bank account.

Dear Sir/Madam, I was abroad some years back in UK, I was basiclly had no any account there because i lived illegal (over stayed) Had frined of mine in uk with who's help i sent money (though money2india online) to india to one of my friend icici bank Acccount his name is Surinder Singh this is in year 2007 in mid. now i am just recently realized (after 9 years) that i had sent money to my friend account Surinder singh which was 5400 uk dollers. When i am asking Surinder for the same he says that why am i asking him now. and secondly says that he never received any money in my account. now i am having money2india confirmaiton mails which my friend of uk sent it that money has been credied to surinder's icici bank acccount. now i want the money what are changes for it? Now i am living very simple ordernarly life 5400 pound is big amount which will help me in many things are there changes to get back ? one more thing i clear to you so that you can understand this case well that there is no where proves that money has come from me. only my friend of uk, she is also not in touch but yes i have mailed her some days back for the same thing. i hope if i get reply would the be a helpful thing ?