Live in relationship

I'm 34 years muslim married and seperated from my first husbaband from last 6+ years.the issue for this seperation is my hindu malyali boy friend because of this guy we separated.after that , guy and me live in relationship 6+ in Bangalore.he introduces me as wife neighbourhood. Almost all ppl knws .that v are married couple. my guy propose me that he wants to marry me.and he want to take home to his mom and all.I felt happy and said OK for .and I'm preparing for..but all of sudden he told that he wants marry other girl of his caste..he is not happy with me and he brokeup with me.. On message .. now he dosent want to talk to me. Now he wants his dresses n things from home day he came with his fiancee and told me to take his things and he shouted at me.I told to meet NGO ppl before to take things so he met.but he lies all things about me.NGO ppl gave all suggestions but he didn't care n went out with that girl. but now dosent care abt my tears .I left job for him.(because he insisted me) .after NGO meet he refuse to take care of me financially. And even he didn't talked with me.he is not taking my calls n blocked me in Watsp also.and he told my house owner to vacating house in this month. And told me to vacate house.and he will not give a financial support to me or anything .and he warned me that his father n brothers will come to me to take things and all.he warns me that he will take legal actions also..I scared abt all this .I don't knw how to handle this.I don't have anyone here ..I don't have parents .expired last year. And not have any relative here .what should do for my 2010..I worked toll 2014 . I had job but he didn't had so he was stayed with me that time's two years that I took all responsibility of him .after that he told me to stay at home .to take care of home n I quit my I don't have financial support and all of sudden he went out and he wants me to out of his life .for this any law is der for me to help ..plz suggest me