1. My wife admitted that she made relations with a doctor. Her admittance came after 2 hour long discussion with me in an open restaurent which i recorded in mobile. She admitted oral sex but denied complete sex. Infact she had also accepted that she didi oral for 2 minutes. 2. She had admitted that she went to that doctor for 3 times. She also said she was blackmailed. She said she later came to know that the doctor had spoiled life of so many girls. 3. I asked her if she was blackmailed she should not have gone there thrice. She was unanswered. 4. I also arranged her call details unauthorisely which clearly show late night calls with him and with other guy also 5.when i asked her why she continued contacting doctor despite being molested and blackmailed ,she argued irrationally that he had promised to provide job at his hospital 6. Her acceptance and admittance came after a long discussion when i told her that i had hired a professional who have revealed me her truth so it would be better for her to tell the truth 7. When she threatened me against dowery act i approached police with call details and recorded cd. After a long investigation police gave final report comprising two facts: A. Recording of my wife and discussion of me and my wifes mother through phone which was also recorded by me proofs an illicit relation was actually made by my wife with her consent B. Late night calls also reveal it 8. Mahila ayog was also approached by my wife where i submitted call details and recorded cd 9. At mahila ayog my wife's brother admitted that this whole incident was narrated to him by ashish and he got angey over her sister 10. Mahila ayog also dismissed my wife's application citing that my wife could not respond when ayong questioned her about her acceptance in cd 11. At police station and at mahila ayog my wife admitted her voice in cd but blamed me that she was forced and threatened to say all these things 12. Now all the matter is in family court. I knew call details is inadmissible as it has been arranged unauthentically. Sir i want to know what are the chances of my winning this case.