Can a student claim mental harassment against his univ?

Hi Everyone, I am pursing my M.Tech and I have passed all the three semesters with more that 75%. I am in my final i.e. 4th semester. Now, in the final semester the curriculum is that we have to do some thesis work for the entire semester. The faculty at my private(but recognized by the state government) keep showing their intentions to NOT grand the degree by rejecting the thesis work no matter how much I have worked for it(I have even published a paper in their own conference). The previous records of my college also show their faculty's ambition and mind set to extend the candidate's course my another term and even after that term they tend to extend the degree again and again and the result is that there are students who have taken 4 to 5 years to complete a professional degree that must be granted in a 2 years time. I would like to point that there are other courses namely MS by Research and PhD where it makes sense to ask the students to do their thesis work again or improve it or make it satisfactory enough so that the degree is granted but mine is the degree which clearly is a professional(not research) degree. I had left my job in order to pursue higher education with my savings and I am stuck with this and I am running out of time and money until I get the degree I will not get the job and sadly the faculty has been behaving like a bunch psychopaths who are hell bent to ruin my career. I request the learned lawyers to point me somewhere..Thanks in Advance.