Husband having extramarital, took my 28 lacs rupees

I have been in relationship with a guy since 5 years since 2009 and got married in 2014. Since then he has been living at my home, as his work was in patna and his home town was in Begusarai, i.e. away from patna. Since 2015 Feb , he is attached to a girl of his office and has physical relationship which they have accepted on record (I have their confession on call). They are still together after my warning. Since last 4-5 months, i have stopped meeting him. But the gal still works in my husband office. Till now, I have been working for my husband since 2009 without taking single penny. My father has helped him with Rs. 12 Lacs in 2009-10. I have given him 5 lacs in cash in 2010-11. Also, in 2015-16, I gave him 5.2 Lacs in a project. So till now, I have gave almost my 8 years and 22.2 lacs. Now they force me give divorce. But now with his mean behaviour, and extramarital physical relationship he is mentally torturing me, though i am living away from him. He has ruined my whole life.Please guide me , should we go under CrPC 125 or under other clause.