Help me

1. My wife threatening me if i will file divorce against her she will file false 498 ipc to for harassment case how can i came out from this? 2.Since 6 years of marriage she is torturing me mentally and some time physically. I am her 2nd husband and i have a 2 years baby girl i dont know she divorce her previous husband or not.I was tolerating all her harassment since 6 months her behavior came in extreme level. now its very difficult to carry on with this marriage age is 31 now due to her cruelty doct. prescribed me lifetime BP medicine its become high.can you plz help how can i came out from this. 3. last 3 days ago she came to my office with 15 mahila mandal samitys member for complaining against me. 4. Now she and her bother ,mother all the members of her family blackmailing me if i will file divorce then she will damage my prestige. i m going to sit with our councilor regarding the matters as family wants me to talk with them, she is now in her fathers home she also will be present.what will be the next steep ?