Fraud- benificery's bank natwest of london

I am victim of Fraud, I contracted to purchase goods from co. KJgolden of Nicosia Cyprus, thru agent BHATIA, based in Dubai. I know Bhatia and had previous dealing. Bhatia sent me on email two proforma invoice dated 3rd feb 2016 each of USD 40000. showing KJGOLDEN bank account details. This proforma invoice were intercepted by HACKER by name BHETIA. and said imposter BHETIA replaced bank details of KJGOLDEN, not realising that invoice bank details have been replaced by imposter and me answering thru reply button on mail recived , I submitted the application to central bank of india forex for remittance of fund to KJGOLDEN , however the bank details as recived thru BHETIA mail i.e. account no 12345 account name NATWEST of London on5th feb2016 for usd40000. on 20th feb i submitted 2 nd application for remittance to central bank for remittance of 40000 as per 2nd proforma, the remittance as per second proforma bank details was account no.12345 FARHAN/KJGOLDEN benificery bank Barclays.London,on after remittance i called BHATIA to know shipment details of first consignment it is at that time i was told by BHATIA of non recipt of funds dtd 5th feb. panicked started to find where about of funds , when Bhatia said that detail of remittance as appering on central bank advice is not correct. immdiately called fraud dept of Barclays and stopped the credit to account FARHAN/KJGOLDEN which barclays immdiately effected and returned back amount on stopped payment advice from central bank mumbai. the 1 st payment to NATWEST was also asked to be STOPPED and RECALLED by central bank on 23red feb. however Natwest responded payment to account no 1234 of KJGOLDEN effecteed and no balance remains from said advice.tHE NATWEST also refused give details of said account no. which does not stand in name of KJGOLDEN but in individual name on pretex of customer confidentiality and data protection law.. the question that need to be answered, 1) WETHER BENIFICERY'S BANK NATWEST DUTY bound to match account no. with that account name, if yes under what provision of banking law? , if not and as claimed by NATWEST that they are not duty bound and they have to credit fund as per bank account no given on advice,than what and how , who is responsible how to get back this amount. 2) can we file action suit in mumbai against NATWEST and account no. holder and if yes under what provision of law , how will service be effected? and other related query please if anyone can help me , i am ready to pay fees. SHABBIR BOLTWALA