Uncle's land bought by us 10 year s back, not giving hold to us.

My dad worked and stayed in Mumbai,whereas his smaller brother is a farmer and stays in jalgaon , our native place. We have 17 acres of land in total. Orally it was divided between the two brothers 30 years back. My dad had not taken hold of his property until 15 years back. We let them have the property to themselves for 15 years. With no bargain asked for. For 5 years later to that, we asked them to reap our land and pay us half our profit of five years, which summed up to 3 lacs in total. At the same time, my uncle wanted to sell his two acres of land, which had a market value of 6 lacs then. So my father suggested to sell that land to us, so now we had to pay him 3 lacs , which was agreed upon. My father also removed a loan of 3 lacs but my uncle kept raising the deal amount. So that deal was cancelled. Since he was my uncle ,my father had faith he would return the money, whereas he then used to distribute money on interest. Now we require the 1 acre land we paid our half for. My uncle is not even willing to bargain for it, rather dismissing us by saying, they wont be paying a penny . we don't have any legal documents, but we do have a rough letter signed by the then witnesses . our property is also not distributed, still in grandparents name. Kindly guide us through this , because these people are taking advantage of our good will and innocent nature.