Family problem, domestic violenceand irresponsible behaviour

Sir,before my marriage my inlaws said 3 flats , 1 individual houses there..after 4 yrs they sold out individual house and shared equally to motherinlaw, fatherinlaw, 2 sister in laws and to my husband. till now nobody knows including me how much they shared..all the shared money is kept with my father inlaw only. recently my parents asked my husband that how much u saved for u r daughter?...then few points we identified and shocked that from last 5 yrs he is not doing any job and spend all that money simply he is saying i used for my daily purpose.. now my daughter is of 7 yrs old... he did not gave single penny to me from last 7 yrs as am working every month ration, bills , all are paid by me only.Sir, being a lady how many years i have to maintain like this? being a husband what he is looking ? his contribution is zero till nowfinancially, morally. who has to look after me and my daughter ?then we asked his father abt all these situations money he said iam not responsible for u r daughter and grandchild.. SIR wegave dowry emoluments for all the said above persons now all are saying we r not responsible for my sons...nature? recently he stolen gold chain and ring those are given by my dad to my daughter on cradle function day...not only that often he takes money from my card, atm, vallet and says i dont know abt ur money simply.. Sir, is there any law for this kind of problem please help me and suggest me to fight against my problem . then my father is saying chalo we will go to our native place why u have to suffer with these, then what about my kid future tell me sir.. even though am post graduated some times i lost my thinking ability how i have to over come and set the future. IS there any law to give them warning.. ?or can i have to approach HR.. ?or i have to approach any PS.? I have not enough time to go around these offices kindly suggest me sir. waiting for u r positive response.