Right of grandson & grand-grandson in ancestral property haryana?

Dear Sir , My grandfather had a agricultural land of worth 60 lacs in haryana , near sonipat . my grandfather had expired in august 2015 leaving behind agricultural land which he transferred to his three sons through transfer deed held in sonepat which would be treated as ancestral property in their capacity not as self acquired as it did not come automatically but right transferred through transfer deed . I am his one grandson out of 4 grandsons , there was never any partition among my father and other uncle's families related to property. the agricultural land my grandfather has acquired from his father and similarly grand- grandfather too same way from his father. i have a video where my grandfather has said before he died that grandson doesn't have right till he is alive but after his death , grandsons has right in property . I have apprehension that my father who is alive will try to sell the ancestral agricultural land and will consume all money for his own purpose & he will not give anything to me ever as he doesn't like my wife , i have a son also 6 months born after grandfather death . 1. Can i seek the partition or ask my right in that ancestral property ?? 2. Can i get stay from the court so that my father can not sell the property ??... My grandfather died , my father alive , me and my son also there . 4th generation kid already born . Regards, sannie