fruad transaction happend and bank is not reverting

I have Standard charter bank credit card which your bank has given to me last year Mar-Apr 2013. Since 2nd July 2013, I am living in Japan for office work. So I used my card till that time and paid my outstanding due by next bill cycle. Till that time I was able to access my transaction detail through online. After sometime, I were unable to check my online account and unable to change password because my India mobile no. was stopped by me before living to India. So I had requested on mail to SC bank for changing my mobile no. with other Indian mobile no. but they didn’t allow. Hence I stopped using my standard charter bank card. Since July 2013 to till now, I never used by SC card. On 21st Apr 2014, somehow I checked my apr month credit card statement and found huge due amount (Rs. 143000). Immediately I sent mail to customer care regarding this amount. Then they reply some transaction happened in Nov 2013. Due to that reason this outstanding is coming on my card. I asked to head service (Mr. Vignesh). Please check attached mail. <<Achal Mail>> How this transaction can happen through other bank? Transaction can happen through either card swapping or online (via CVV, expiry date, transaction password, OTP). I was not using this card because I was unable to login online and can’t re-generate the password because my registered mobile no also stopped. As per your previous mail, this transaction happened in Nov month. If this transaction happened then why I didn’t received any transaction alert mail at that time. If I was not paying this outstanding then why your bank was not sending any follow up or reminder mail to me. As per my knowledge, without card swapping or without CVV/expiry date/transaction password/OTP, any transaction can’t happened then how this transaction happened and from where? How these securities break? If any fraud or illegal transaction comes then bank should ask to customer or cancel that transaction immediately. <<Reply>> Time frame has been passed so we are unable to revert this transaction. But he didn’t answer of question and not provide any details. Mean while, Mr. Pradeep Mansukh from recovery dept. call on my reference no. (My friend) for outstanding payment. My friend had informed me immediately and I call to Mr. Predeep and discuss this matter on same day. Then he asked to me pay only Rs. 6200(according to him) which was pending before July 2013 and he will revert rest amount. I also asked to him for providing detail of Rs. 6200 because as per my understanding no amount pending from my side. He said, once I will pay Rs.6200 then my account will unlock then he will able to provide detail. I paid Rs. 6200 immediately. He sends me his mail id through below mobile number for sending payment confirmation screen shot which I shared with him. Every week I call to him or he call to me about reversal status. Every time he said, don’t worry your due will be reversed shortly. After one month, he was not picking my phone and not provides any detail. Mr. Pradeep Singh Mansukh +[deleted] After that, Mr. Nishant calls me on my Japan mobile no. which I shared with customer care in my mails. I discuss with full matter with him but he said; now reversal is not possible because time frame already passed. This is last stage in our company. If you are not paying this amount then we will report your name to CIBIL. After conclusion, He asked to me pay settlement amount Rs. 1,00,000 in four monthly installment each Rs. 25000. I already paid three installments till now. He said, once I will pay all four installment then he will provide closure/settlement letter to me and not report this case to CIBIL. But he also not provides answer of my queries. Mr. Nishant Pundir +[deleted] I also sent mail to head service, nodal officer but nobody reply on my queries. I got mail to customer care. Ms Shipra Bhatia on [deleted] wants to discuss with me. I call to her and asked about my queries but she also not explain and said, she will check and reply me shortly. But I didn’t receive any reply. I also asked below queries to bank, 1. As per bank, this is overseas transaction. Why this RBI circular is not applied on my card? If this is applicable then your bank should applied last year because my card still mega stripe. If your bank had applied this security check then how other person use my full credit limit outside of India? Why there is no threshold limit for international transaction? Why bank never asked to me for changing chip enabled card or for setting international limit? 2. Why Mr. Pradeep from SC had confirmed to me about reversal this due? If he is responsible person then why he confirmed to me on call? 3. As per my Aug13 statement, no due pending then why he asked to me pays Rs. 6200 which was due before July 2013 according to him? 4. Why I didn't get alert mail when these transactions were happening in Nov-13? 5. Why bank was not contacting to me or sending any follow-up mail for paying due except monthly statement? 6. Why there is no OTP or 3D check or other security check? 7. Why bank contact to me before my first mail 21st April? I have sent so many mail to SC bank Nodel office and senior officer for above queries but they are reply. Kindly advice me for revert my money or taking action against SC bank. Regards,