Refund is on hold by building committee (Not registered)

1. Despite repeated request to return the excess amount, which was provided for the repair of the water tank, committee did not return me. It’s a fraud and I have been cheated by the committee. Two months have passed and I have not been refunded till yet. Thus, I don’t think that the amount, I used to pay for the maintenance, is in safe hand. 2. The building fund has been kept in the personal bank account of the cashier. Cashier himself admitted this to me that he has put the building fund in his bank account. No matter how much interest he would get from it, it will count as a financial irregularity and the case of breach of the trust. This kind of activity has not been happened in this building before and is either not ethical. 3. In recent time, the working way of the committee, is not democratic. During the short term the building committee, it has been marked that before the general meeting, the issues of the building have been pre-decided in personal meeting with most of flat owners by keeping aside 2-3 flat owners. General meeting is a farce and hypocrisy. 4. Most distressing thing is that the atmosphere of the General Meeting is not only disgusting, it used to be insulting, maligning and humiliating. People with self esteem would not like to attain such meeting. So I am. 5. Moreover, committee is not keen to take decision with good faith. The rules are being constructed only for few. Better to say, committee is targeting only few. It could not be tolerate. 6. Last, but not the least; some people with vested interests are working to meet their interest by placing the gun in others shoulder. This committee is a puppet committee. Thus, I don’t recognize this committee. In this situation, I bound to take a strong action to recover my money, against all of them who support the committee to hold my dues.