Hi I got married in 2013 and this is my husband's 3rd marriage( 1st one failed because he fell in love with someone ,nd one failed as his 2nd ex wife fell for someone and left) and my 2nd. My earlier marriage failed as I got married under huge pressure from my father's brothers after my parent's death. Again after sometime my ex father in law insisted that I get married and I got married to my current husband who I had known for sometime. So the exit from the first one was mutual. This year 2016, I started having troubles finding out my husband was cheating on me and I I had given up my career to be with him where he was located. Gradually his verbal abuses became violent in nature and he hit me as well to which I did not react. Upon confronting of his cheating etc he started saying I am mentally unstable and he listed out to everyone around what all things he had gifted me including bags , shoes etc only to forget that when I was earning I too used to get him things but I never brought those up. While frankly his family has been mean to me( in fact they look a bit strange as they do not have any coonections with their grandson from my husband's 1 st marriage) . I confided in my mil about everything only to find out she got along with her son and said you don't have proofs. I do have proofs and now seriously while earnestly I want to get away and live my life in peace but heer are some problems: 1. I don't have a home , as my parents left nothing , after mum passed away father had kidney failure which took all the money. 2.I left my job and given the current market I cannot find anything. My husband's is a well known guy in the finance industry with two houses and a stable job . he is an IIM guy by the way. He has been working for many years ( he is 8 yrs older to me) Right from the beginning he has kept me unaware of what all he has , if yiu ask me how much does he earn, I do not know. His mother is an account holder with him on everything. Now I am totally at a loss, I do not know where to go, with no family and money I am feeling totally at the loss of my self esteem. Don't know when will I get a job hence my question is what are my rights and what should I do now? He is defiant and arrogant and his behaviours are getting from bad to worse. While many people say women abuse laws but here I am with no parents , no shelter above my ehad, no job and a failed marriage, no position to afford a good lawyer too. Please help!