Legality of Title

The larger property was owned by A, B and C measuring around 5 acres. They got the property converted from agricultural to residential in 1982 by an official memorandum. There after they got the layout plan sanctioned from the Village Panchayat and made it into sites and sold the property to different people. Plot No. 96 and 97 ad measuring 45 x 55 was sold to Mr. X by A B C and then sold to my friend Mr. Y in 1996 who is in possession since. Whereas, to the west of a property there is a 25 feet road according to the sanction plan. But A, B and C executed a GPA in favour of Mr. Z who sold the property to my friend Mr. Y giving a portion of the road measuring 25 x 60 (the road doesnt not continue after that) a new No. 97/1. Can a sanctioned road by the VP be sold? Also the Sale Deeds are badly drafted and the Schedules are wrong. In the 45 x 55 property the schedule says west by road ( it should have been 97/1) and in the 25 x 60 it says private property to the east? How do I get this corrected will they loose the property? Only the GPA holder is alive. They want to sell it hence this question