Mental harassment

I am married since nov 2013, in December we went for 4 days for honeymoon afte returning back home my mother in law started saying that why did you both go for honeymoon in our generation we dint go anywhere after marriage and from that day the arguments and fights started. She put restrictions on me like i should not go in front of my husband after he returns from his office, i was not allowed to talk with my husband in personal as well as on phone. My husband obeys his mother each and every word. He stopped talking to me. If i dint obey her orders she used to beat her self threatened me that she would put her self on fire and put me in jail as my father in law os a lawyer my husband and his mother used to threaten me on that basis. My sister in law stay nearby at 5 min distance and everyday visit s our house she and my moter in law always used to taunt me and scold me that your father dint do our khatirdari in your wedding and we wers not served properly. In january they sent me to my mothers place saying that during your monthly menses you are not allowed to stay at our home and my husband agreed to it after 8 day they again came to take me back. Few days went good between me and my husband and in February i got pregnant and the situation became worse. I was forced to sleep in other bedroom away from my husband, my husband agreed to it he took away my mobile ph and not allowed me to talk to my parents or contact my friends. After hearing the pregnancy new my mother in law said why you want baby so soon you are putting unnecessary responsibility on my son. Still i ignored it for my unborn child. I had severe morning sickness during pregnancy, they took me to the hospital where the owner doctor was their family friend they admitted me there and left me all alone that also without any food and water . From the morning till the evening i was suffering there with one nurse who left me after putting a saline. I called my parents and they came after that i got some water and food. After discharge i went home and my husband started fighting with me that why did you call your parents who allowed you to do so. Every minute i was taunted and insulted there. And then it was unbearable for me they locked me in a room and without any food kept me there for the whole night. In the morning my mother in law opend the door. I wrote a letter that i am going to my mothera place and i cant bear this mental torture any more and i left the house. After a week they came to take me that time they decided to keep me on first floor and mother in law on ground floor. Bur the situation me came more critical. My husband dint even look at me never came upstairs he used to sleep downstairs go to office from there and return and stay there. My husband said my medical treatment and all my expenses shoul be paid by my father and i dint agree we had a big fight my husband Called his sisters and slaped me threw holding my hairs in the balcony in june month in the rain till my uncle and aunt came and hrew me out of the house. It was my 5th month still they dint bother. My father in law supported them saying i am a lawyer you cant do anything and i will see you how you live properly. After that from june 2014 they dint contact me till my daughter was born on 24 sept 2014. They came to see her at the hospital. My husband ,his parents and one of his friend. After that day they again dint commnicate us when baby became 4 month old they came to take me on their terms and condition s which me and my parents dint agree after that they went to our relatives place insisted them to interfere and bring me and baby back home. My husband came 2 time for my baby's vaccination. My father thought that every thing will be fine and they will reunite but it dint happen my husband took the receipt of the vaccination and now saying i have paid money but in actual my father paid it. My husband gave bad words to my father and my brother that i will not leave you if you dint accept the conditions he has put and send me and baby back home. He dint even call on on my daughter s 1st birthday. And now he has sent me a letter which states that you went for delivery at your parents home and dint return since then mw and my family tried to call you, went to your relative home still you dint come. My husband says he called me many times but i dint recive and disconnected the call which actually dint happen he never called me i dint hear his Voice from August 2015 till now. He has put false allegations on me and said after getting this letter you come home back. Now what should i do? My parents said them that if give in written that whatever has happened they will not do it again and take me and my baby's responsibility but they denied it. Now why they wrote a letter that too from other area and the handwriting differs on envelope and that on letter. I consulted a lawyer but he said there is nothing we can do. Last option is that you should go there and live and bear whatever happens after a few days every thing will become normal. And my husband says that you say that i want divorce( last year 2 times when we contacted) till the end he will say that i m ready to accept you but you r not coming without any valid reason. I dont have any proof that he tortured me like phone recording or video. My husband and father in law has created a chain of evidence that they kept us separate it dint work, went to relatives to bring me back, brought his friends along with him to our relative home. And now this letter as a last option, what will he do after this? Will me and my daughter get anything from him. He says he will not give us a single penny. And throw us out of his life but in front of people he says he is willing to live with us. How do i tackle this situation and what should i do about the letter? Please guide me.