Physical and mental harassment

Hello, Sir,iam 26 years old and iam Muslim.I completed my graduation.I got arranged marriage where my husband was already married person and get divorced from that lady.he is software engineer works in dlf in hyd.he said the fact before the marriage and married father was expired ,I don't have brother s and I have younger sister for marriage. After a one year of marriage my in-laws, husband, motherin law,keep on says to bring money from my house as if he wants to buy some land.mother in law ask to bring gold from my home.I said so many times from where I can I have a baby boy of 3 years.once my mother in law and husband beaten me.I fighted on this by this going on from past few years. After that my husband and mother in law went to my moms house and beaten up to my husband keep on saying me go away to your mothers house he beaten up.I didn't go he again alone went to my moms house standing on the road says very bad words to he says go away from his house. He says he will take the custody of my baby, whatever land is on his name he will get registered to his mother mother in law have huge properties mother in law says that you and your son won't get any share from her property. Mla says that she will make sure grand son won't get any property. Right know iam at my mom's house I don't want to get divorce but iam feeling he transferred his job to bengaluru where my mom can't even come to see in hyd he is doing like that what I will be in bengaluru..he only listens to his mother he didn't even said that he is shifting to bengaluru suddenly he says.iam so confused what should I do plz suggest me.