Adv. T. kalaiselvan

Sir, I have one real sister and one step sister ( Mother Same father diff.). My father has purchased a land in Surat ( Gujarat). My father expired in 1982. In 1988, as per Hindu Varasai was done that time my mother, myself and my real sister name was included. My mother and my real sister has waived their right and the land was transffered on my name. The Talati at that time not included my step sister name saying that she can not claim in property as her father was different. My mother expired in 1990. My both real & step sister are alive as on today. My step sister born in 1946. In 7/12, my name is there since 1988. In 6 utara the entry to transfer on my name is made. When my sister admitted in a school, my father name was written. As per that she want to claim in this property. My father has never done any deed for adoption for my step sister. She got married from our house and in marriage card my father name was written. Her real father expired and my mother came with her when she was 4-5 years old. Means somewhere my father has done second marriage in 1950. I born in 1952 and my real sister born in 1954. I went to Taluka Panchayat but they have not such old record where I can produced my step sister date of birth and her actual father name. Can she make a claim in my property, means land? Presently property with me. Can she add her name in 7/12 by making an application to Talati? Can she make any claim in Crops or bring any objection for cultivation of land by me? The property is situated in Surat ( Gujarat ). kindly advice me. my e-mail is "" Thanking You, Rajesh B.E. Elect.