quashing of case under 306 IPC

let me write detail of the case. last year in aug 2013 a student has committed suicide. she blamed 4 students for ragging including a teacher, the suicide note says that "she has reported to that teacher for ragging but he didnt do any thing to protect her, rather than protecting her ,he advice her to obey and respect her seniors". but the reality is, she never reported any incidence of ragging to said teacher, but he scolded her in the class for not attending classes and not giving answer of his subject related question. session trail is going on.and 5 gawahi (testimony) is done which is in favour or of the teacher, the testimony says "she never reported to the teacher and the teacher never had any talk regarding ragging issue to her," the teacher was niether her class teacher nor an anti ragging committee member. the report of hand writing expert is yet to come, its been almost 1 year but we are still waiting for that for further proceeding. now my question is, is it possible to quash the case under 482 crpc from high court. on the basis of 5 testimony. and what are the chances of quashing.