Optimal utilization of Vacant Land

Hi, I have certain chunks on lands ranging from 2500 square meters to 5500 square meters (relatively rectangular in shape) in the Western Suburban region of Mumbai, India. These lands have been reserved for Public Garden since the year 1967 and the reservation continued in the Development Plan of 1991 as well. The reservation has again been retained in the Draft Development Plan 2014-2034 of Mumbai. I have kept the lands vacant and unencumbered and approached the statutory authorities for acquiring the said lands as per section 127 of the MR&TP Act, 1966. The procedure for this is time consuming and the fate of the land is uncertain (i.e. whether it would be deemed to be released due to inaction of the authorities or it would be acquired against fair compensation). HOWEVER, in the interim period, the land is lying vacant, unused and its entire potential is being wasted. I would like to know whether I can legally utilize the said land for any purpose until the authorities take further action. By "Any purpose" I am implying an activity such as renting/leasing the land on a daily basis for marriage functions, parties, etc. where I would not be constructing anything permanent upon the said land due to its status as a "Public garden" which has not yet been acquired. P.S. If there are any other suggestions to legally and optimally utilize the said land besides renting it out for social functions, I would greatly appreciate it.