Gori is the daughter of Chottee belonging to a tribal community. She used to attend literacy classes arranged by Gopal, a voluntary worker belonging to a NGO working for tribal development. Gori and Gopal fall in love.However, Gori refused to have sexual intercourse with Gopal dispite his persistent demands because he told her that he was already married and has a child back home. But Gopal told her that he would marry her after divorcing his first wife. Still Gori refused Gopal for sexual intercourse. On a rainy day after the class they were alone in the tribal school. Gopal persuaded Gori to have sexual intercourse,Though Gori was not initially willing. She did not resist his advances repeating his promise to marry her. Because of fear of her elder brother, she did not disclose the incident to anyone.On the subsequent days Gopal had sexual intercourse with her and she did not object. This relation between Gori and Gopal continued for some months and she became pregnant. Gori had no other go but to report the fact to her brother who was furious and complained to the police .A case of rape was registered against Gopal. (1) How to prove that Gopal did not commit rape? (2) Gopal did not commit any offence.