Divorce settlement

I am enquiring on behalf of a friend. She and her husband are Kerala Brahmins married for 25 years and have two daughters (20 & 23 yrs old-unemployed). The husband is the only earning member. It has been come to notice that he is having an extramarital affair and a child from it. He is now neglecting his wife and daughters and gives very little money for the three women he needs to support, all the while spending lavishly for his "second wife".This other woman is employed, has an older child from her previous marriage and is not financially helpless. This mother is finding it hard to support her household expenses and daughters' education with the limited finance. She says she is not able to afford a lawyer to solve this problem.And they will survive the divorce if they get good financial compensation. Kindly suggest solutions for this dilemma. Is the relationship with the other women legal,when the first wife is alive; under Hindu Marriage act? What are the legal options for this problem? Will the wife be able to get a financial settlement for her daughters'?