What I will do

My wife has filled a domestic violence case in October’2014 and before that she has made many mistake also threatened me and my mother to divide property. She slapped me many times in front of others. When I got the letter from court I consult with my lawyer and started following procedure. During the separation time, I met a girl at facebook and started discussing about the family life. She was married but she proposed me on phone. We met only twice in 2014 but we have done sex chatting on facebook. Then we started chatting on whatsapp and viber, skype, hike and hi5. We have done social chatting also but few times we have done sex chatting also. Now her husband threatening me about court case and my wife also discussing with her husband how they will harass. I am the only son of my mother. I have not done any intercourse with that facebook lady . Some times She wants but I refused to do that.I have deleted all the facebook masseges. Is it a ground for adultery? Now My wife is not talking with me. We have own house my wife can claim the property?