An accident happened within our apartment

Hello Sir, We are staying in an apartment, Bangalore for the past 2 and half years. Last week a very minor accident happened within apartment premises, as my friend slightly hit a 10 year old child who came in the wrong way as per our apartment rules. Its a very minor accident and child was completely fine. As the kid was fine, my friend just helped him to stand on his ground and left. When we reached back to the apartment, around 20 people surrounded us and started to hit my friend, as they complained it was a Hit and run. They literally brought that guy to the police station. We explained everything to the police and told them, its an accident, the problem is the kid came in the wrong way and he fell over the bike, still nothing happened, the kid was completely fine. Even, the kid's father came and written a letter to the police that the kid is fine and he will not give a complaint against my friend as nothing happened seriously. Even the police left my friend. Even though its not his fault, my friend wrote an apology letter and handed over to the Association members of the apartment. But they took the action from their end, took my friends bike as custody for almost three days and demanding to hand over the original document. They removed the entry sticker from the bike forcefully, which needed to enter the apartment. Then, they asked my friend to vacate the room as they are calling it a Nuisance. We literally explained them, its not a nuisance but an accident and we even wrote an apology letter, we explained it to the police and police also agreed since no complaints filed against us. But the association members demanding us to vacate the flat, even though we explained as much as we can, they are not agreeing. Their main intention is to vacate us as we are Bachelors. They are asking us to vacate the flat in 48 hours, if we are not vacating, they are warning us they know how to make us vacate. For the past 1 week, they are literally torturing us to vacate the flat. Please advice what can be done on this issue, even though we haven't did any mistake, they are calling us to vacate, as they are telling everyone should accept the decision of the association. Any advice would be really helpful.