Maintenance case by Father

DO NOT JUDGE MY BY BELOW QUERIES. I AM OF COURSE TAKING CARE OF MY MOTHER. HOWEVER, MY MOTHER HAS APPROACHED THE COURT FOR JUSTICE AND NOW MY FATHER IS HARASSING ME. I HAVE LEFT HOME LONG AGO AND NOT IN CONTACT WITH MY FATHER. HE IS RELATED TO ME ONLY BIOLOGICALLY; IT IS MY MOTHER WHO HAS LOOKED AFTER ME ALONG WITH HER RELATIVES AND NOT MY FATHER. Dear Experts, Requesting guidance on below scenario, please. I am born in Hubli (in Karnataka state). However, I have been working in an MNC in Bangalore for over 9 Years now. I am from a family of 4: Father, Mother, Older Sister and Me. Older sister is a govt servant, father has a private business and mother is not employed. Due to domestic issues, I have left home for over 9+ years now. Now, it has come to my notice that my mother file a maintenance case on my father. And my father in turn has filed a case on me for maintenance to harass me. Scenario: I don't think my father knows my residence address since I am no longer in contact with him for many years now. He might have sent a notice to my office address. Also to note, my older sister is govt employee. Fact and Question 1: My father and mother has a self made / acquired property. Since my father has declared he has no earning, my mother has filed a partition case as well for which my father is avoiding to take the notice from court. My understanding, they can sell the property (min value 20 Lacs), deposit the cash in bank and take a house on rent and live off form the interest money. Is that possible? If Yes, father cannot claim maintenance from me - right? Please educate me on this. Fact and Question 2: My older sister is a govt employee and working in a govt hospital. With this being the case, am I the only one my father can claim maintenance from? Is daughter not required to take care of parents? If she too is liable to pay maintenance, please educate me on next proceedings (assuming I have received the notice from my father). Fact and Question 3: If notice is sent to my office address, it would be in-warded by the mail room. Does that hold valid as my acceptance of the notice? It would not be delivered to me by the post man, be it a normal post and / or speed post. If taken delivery by the mail-room team, what is my responsibility then? Fact and Question 4: Since I have never lived in Hubli for over 9 years now, what are my chances to taking the case and appearing in a court in Bangalore itself? Any possibilities of transferring the case? My father my be residing in Hubli, but I don't. What are my options here? Fact and Question 5: Since my father is claiming maintenance from me, then, can I also claim share in property? What are the proceedings? Note, it is a self made / acquire property both my parents.