domestic voilence

Hi, I have 8th months pregnancy, I have 2 years old baby and living on 3rd floor and I fought with old lady of my building she lives on first floor and in my defense I slapped her as she was abusing me on stairs while she pushing me and snatching my clothes on stairs. old lady is living alone, she has 2 married daughters in delhi and husband is only visit home sometime, Since 4 year I have been mental torturing by her comments and back biting and some domestic issues. I am working so I avoided all her tantrums. 13th august morning at 5:45am I fought for the reason of wooden gate that I fixed at my balcony because street dog come at up stairs and spread daipers and drag it till old lady's floor. and I am on rent, terrace is under me i can lock as well, but she has problem in that also, so I let it opened. After slapped her I dialed 100 for police assistance, but in police station she has given statement that she is beaten by me and my husband both. then ASI spoke with both of us and advised us to apologize her in police station and we both said sorry and tried to talk with her very softly then as per ASI instuction, same day in evening around at 4:00pm my husband again went on 1st floor to apologize but she said that "ab tumhe 100 number wale hi dekhenge". nothing had happened. then today at 9pm ASI called at my husband's number and asked the status of apology. and he said to my husband that He knows only wife slapped her not you as he came to know from 3rd person. so i am seeking help from you what would be the solution for this problem. There is only law for senior citizen, Is there any law for 36 years old,,pregnant lady, or this ASI is also harrasing us just for bribe please let me know. I am getting stress day by day and every hour. I took my maternity leave early to take rest at home but I can not so I am seeking your help in this matter.